I’ve been in this business for quite some time now, and over the years I have come across some unusual outcomes when helping my clients find the right insurance programs.

I receive calls every day from young adults and entrepreneurs looking for a review of their auto insurance.  The same request about making sure they are getting the best policy coverage for the lowest price, usually turns up. What far too many people don’t know, is that in some cases,  bundling multiple insurance programs can actually lead to more savings!

In my conversations, I have found that many people who rent an apartment, do not have an insurance policy in place to cover their contents or their liability as a tenant.  If a worst-case scenario were to occur, and you lost all your belongings in your rented home, how will you find the money to buy replacement items? This is why tenant insurance is so important and thankfully affordable.  In the event of an accident that results in the loss of personal property, your insurance company may cover most of the cost. Typically this coverage only costs $25 – $30 per month, that’s the cost of one dine-in meal! By adding this policy when you are also getting auto insurance, you can save BIG!

How big? A recent client saved more than $600 per year on his Auto coverage when he added a Tenant Policy that cost just $200. The result? An overall saving of $400 AND insurance coverage to replace contents lost or damaged as a result of fire or water damage which he did not have before.

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